The Sunny Side of Shetland

Touring the Westside

Traditionally, the Westside begins at the top of the hill dividing Weisdale from Aithsting and Sandsting. Just below the summit, the road leading down to the leafy gardens of Tresta crosses a fault in the Earth's crust.

Sandness Hill and the coastal walk beyond Huxter have breathtaking views of the wild country on the westernmost point of the Shetland Mainland. The dramatic silhouette of the island of Foula sits out on the Atlantic horizon, while a maze of spectacular coves and sea stacks skirts the beautiful Bay of Deepdale. There is much good walking south to Wats Ness, the Voe of Footabrough and Littlure.

A Crofting Tradition

As well as sheltering salmon and sea trout cages, the voes of the Westside are ideal for yachting and canoeing. Natural harbours shelter modern marinas at Walls and Aith - where berths are reserved for visiting sailors. The annual regattas at Walls,Aith and Skeld are major events in the social calendar.

The Wild West

A walk on Shetland's Westside brings you face to face with nature in all its amazing variety. You'll have good views of seals, seabirds, skuas, and moorland species such as skylark, curlew and golden plover.

The long, winding tideline teems with wildlife, with everything from rock pools full of hermit crabs and sea anemones to sheltered, sandy shores with razor shells and cockles.
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